3 days Huangshan summit and

UNESCO village Hongcun and Xidi

and Tunxi ancient street private tour


First day: pick up you from huangshan airport or

huangshan bei (huangshan North)train station or Tunxi hotel

uphill,visit sunset and more,stay on huangshan summit


Best hotel on summit is

Huangshan Xihai hotel (2 years old,1800 meters high)

Because Area A is only 5 star hotel on summit

2 km far from Yungu cable car,hiking 1 hour

Weekday:1500 china yuan/room(include 2 breakfast)

Fri&Sat:1800 china yuan/room(include 2 breakfast)

everything carry by porter ,pls check photo,so is expensive


Other 4 star hotel on summit is

Huangshan Shilin hotel(30 years old,1800 meters high)

1 km far from Yungu cable car,hiking half hour

Weekday:1400 china yuan/room(include 2 breakfast)

Fri&Sat:1700 china yuan/room(include 2 breakfast)


Second day:visit sunrise and more,downhill

Hiking route on summit as same as 1 day route(20km)

drop off you in Tunxi,stay in Tunxi hotel


Best hotel in Tunxi is

Huangshan Crowne plaza yucheng hotel

Because only internatioanl brand name 5 star hotel

Weekday:680 china yuan/room(include 2 beakfast)

Fri&Sat:880 china yuan/room(include 2 beakfast)


Other 4 star hotel in Tunxi is

Huangshan Tiandu international hotel

(100 meters far from City square and shopping mall)

Weekday:280 china yuan/room(include 2 beakfast)

Fri&Sat:380 china yuan/room(include 2 beakfast)


Third day:visit UNESCO Hongcun village

and Xidi village and Tunxi ancient street

drop off you in huangshan North train station

or huangshan airport or Tunxi hotel


Notice:first day should pick up you before 2 pm

Notice:third day should drop off you after 4 pm


Quote:5 person , 600 china yuan/person(7seats private car)

Quote:4 person , 750 china yuan/person(7 seats private car)

Quote:3 person , 1000 china yuan/person(7 seats private car)

Quote:2 person , 1500 china yuan/person(7 seats private car)

Quote:1 person , 3000 china yuan/person(7 seats private car)

Quote include private guide &car cost


Scenic spot on summit

Sightseeing the Begin to believe peak

Sightseeing the Lion peak

Sightseeing the Red cloud peak

Sightseeing the Cloud dispelling pavilion

Sightseeing the Xihai (West sea)Grand Canyon

Sightseeing the 2nd summit Bright top(1860 meters high)

Sightseeing the 1st summit Lotus peak(1864 meters high)

Sightseeing the 3rd summit Capital Heaven peak (1810 meters high)

Sightseeing the Crocodile peak

Sightseeing the Turtle peak

Sightseeing the Flying over rock

Sightseeing the Jade screen peak

Sightseeing the Elephant rock

Sightseeing the Greeting guest pine


Hongcun &Xidi ancient village is UNESCO

Hongcun ancient village,Entry fee is 80 china yuan/person

Xidi ancient village,Entry fee is 80 china yuan/person

Entry fee discount policy same as Huangshan

Hongcun ancient village is shooting place for

Oscar movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Hongcun ancient village is 5th top China view by CNN

Stay in Hongcun or Xidi hotel isnot good

Because they are 60km far from Tunxi

You will waste money for extra private transfer